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PHKT-PPRL Metering System

Project Relocation Metering System From PHKT to PPRL - East Kalimantan

In 2021, along with the company’s growth in the service sector, we are entrusted with the work of moving the ex Propan and Butane metering system units from the Santan terminal (PHKT-Pertamina Hulu Kalimantan Timur) to Lawe-lawe (PPRL – Pasir Petroleum Resources Limited)
where the metering system will be used for metering crude oil so it requires some technical modifications (reverse engineering) then calibration and certification (COI) are carried out.
In this project, PPRL is the owner’s contract and PT DPU is the executor under contract No. PASIR-044-CA (Dismantle, Relocation, Certification and Calibration For Ex Metering System Services)