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About Ircon-Solaronics

Ircon-Solaronics was born in July 2018 when the Argynnis Group AB, already the owner of Ircon Drying Systems AB acquired Solaronics SA.

Combining both brands, under the flag Ircon-Solaronics, the group can offer an enriched range of products and services for non-contact drying of Paper & Board and other industries where both companies are active.

Since its foundation in 1967, Solaronics S.A. had become one of the world’s leading suppliers of gas-fired/ electrical infrared systems with integrated convection drying and has recently celebrated 50 years’ experience of supplying drying solution to the Paper & Board industry based on gas infrared technology, and also electrical infrared technology after the acquisition of IRT in 2000.

Ircon was founded in 1989 and has over 30 years’ experience of IR-heating. In 2001 INHAB with Infrared products for automotive and food industry and in 2009 ITRONIC with Infrared products for the paper industry were acquired. From 2013 Ircon is a part of the Argynnis Group.

Our product range includes gas infrared dryers and electrical infrared dryers of the highest quality and performance as well as complementary air drying solutions and web support devices. All our infrared dryers can also be coupled to an air dryer for an optimal combination of infrared and air drying with our Energy Recovery System. Today, around 1 500 systems have been installed worldwide for the paper and board industry. We offer complete non-drying solutions for quality and energy rebuilds as well as new machines or new coating lines, either by supplying new dryers or upgrading existing dryers.


Gas infrared  dryers ,UniDryer® V3 is a combined infrared and air dryer in which high performance gas infrared emitters are alternated with high temperature and high velocity air nozzles. The combination of these features results in a fast heat-up, a high evaporation rate and ultimately in better paper quality. UniDryer®V3 omg features an innovative convection system consisting of:

  • A new type of blowing nozzle that consists of a combination of slot impingement nozzles offering an optimal convective heat transfer while maintaining perfect web runnability
  • A compact design of integrated recirculation fans with higher air flows
  • A new breakthrough emitter: GemE emitter family

“The DryMaster is a state of the art and patented electric IR drying system with many features that will improve your paper quality as well as machine capacity, and at the same time minimize energy use and maintenance cost. The DryMaster is easy to operate and has a variety of connection options to other computer or QCS systems when required.”

Main features of the DryMaster system

  • More energy efficient then other IR systems on the market. The design of the IR module is optimized and we use best quality of quarts protection glass, IR lamps, gold reflectors, air foil design for efficient scrubbing of the air boundary layer
  • Higher drying capacity, up to 200 kW/m/frame combined with higher heat transfer, and IR frames can be installed face to face
  • Space saving installation compared to gas IR and air dryers
  • Better profiling capability, standard zone width of 75 mm (3”) or 37 mm (1,5”)
  • Control coating immobilization automatically, using a built in array of CD  web temperature sensors
  • Investment and installation is cost efficient, due to smaller electrical cabinets and less electric cables required, since the power is controlled locally on the IR modules instead of remotely in big cabinets
  • Easier maintenance – Each module has an indication of lamp failures, fuse failure or thyristor failure, voltage, current and power measurement and measurement of internal operation temperature including alarm. This on-line diagnostic information is available through a built in web server.
  • IR modules can be replaced without tools, which allow quick replacement for maintenance purpose
  • The solid state relays has soft start and optimized “half cycle” modulation to minimize current peaks, disturbance on the electric net, overtones and transformer heat up.

 “The EdgeMaster  is an excellent tool to correct wet streaks in a paper web.  The shortwave electric Infra-Red dryer can be mounted in the cylinder drying section or in a free draw.

Wet edges and/or wet streaks are limiting the production of many paper machines. EdgeMaster improves the moisture profile of the paper web which in turn allows a higher medium moisture level.

With an even profile across the machine you don’t need over dry in the pre dryer section. One percent increase of the medium moisture on the pope reel corresponds to a production increase of approximately 5 %.

The EdgeMaster can be equipped with the same features as a full machine wide DryMaster frame, like active temperature/moisture profiling in 37 mm zones. It can also be equipped with a simple, cost effective control system.

Single Modules need very little space; only 550 mm in the web direction. It can be installed at a free draw or against a dryer can.

As 0,5 to 3 % moisture can be dried with one unit (depending on basis weight and speed).”

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